Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10th ADFP Conference - September 21st - Lifestyle Valuation

Lifestyle Valuation Analysis and College Planning at the 10th Annual ADFP Conference

This year’s ADFP Conference will absolutely deliver on its mission to help you ‘Unlock the Potential’ of your individual practice.  We are offering unrivaled examination of critical components in divorce financial planning in a format that both seasoned and new practitioners can use to catapult the value proposition you bring to millions affected by divorce.  You’ll benefit from focus workshops on Lifestyle Analysis and Valuation, College Planning for Divorce, and other critical and often overlooked elements of divorce financial planning.

On Friday, September 21, Joan Lipton, CPA/ABV, CFF, PhD and Jean Han, CPA/ABV, CFF, JD, from top U.S. accounting firm ParenteBeard, will coach us on performing Lifestyle Analysis and Valuation in the context of a divorce proceeding.  Both experts in handling the most complex types of valuation engagements, they have performed extensive valuation consulting services, forensic accounting and litigation support in connection with matrimonial matters, arbitration and mediation.  This workshop will offer key valuation analysis tools as well as discuss factors affecting relevant time periods and adjustments.  You’ll learn from several hybrid cases affected by complicated issues such as largely fluctuating income, irregular lifestyle expenses and major expenditures, report preparation and preparing for cross-examination.

We’re also featuring a presentation on College Planning and Divorce by leading divorce financial planners Amy Whitlatch, CFP, CDFA and Kevin Worthley, CFP, CDFA on Saturday, September 22.  Ms. Whitlatch and Mr. Worthley will provide insight on the numerous ways that divorce complicates college planning and how it affects financing and eligibility for financial aid.  They will share financial aid calculations and discuss how aid is awarded, how this changes in a divorce situation, and offer tips to increase aid eligibility or avoid mistakes that reduce aid.  Our esteemed speakers will offer tax planning assistance as it relates to college financing and will help you incorporate college planning into the larger financial picture to meet your clients’ goals.

Other focus presentations will include advanced case studies in divorce taxation, presenting analytical findings to clients, complications of same sex divorce, the role of the financial expert in divorce cases, trends in alimony and more.  Our pre-conference ADPF University on September 20 features additional course offerings on tax returns, bankruptcy, building and growing a divorce financial planning practice, estate planning and software tools.

There are only three weeks left to register for this extraordinary educational event!  Both ADFP members and non-members are encouraged to attend, and discounted rates are available for members.  For a complete agenda or to register, go to or call the ADFP office at 888-838-7773.

This conference promises to be our most successful yet.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

-- ADFP president Lili Vasileff

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